Dad’s Comeback Sauce

The official BBQ sauce of Bichelmeyer Meats is Dad’s Comeback Sauce.

A popular type of comeback sauce originates in the Southern United States.  In the South, comeback sauce is a condiment.  It is often a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup, pepper, worcestershire sauce, onion, and garlic.  It’s used as a dip, sauce, and spread for everything, especially fried foods.

Here in Kansas City, home of the best BBQ in the world, Bichelmeyer Meats has our own version of comeback sauce and it’s a BBQ sauce.

The name of the sauce is a tribute to Ed Kirk (Joe Bichelmeyer’s father-in-law) and John F. Bichelmeyer (founder of Bichelmeyer Meats).   The sauce recipe is a variation of Ed Kirk’s. He was a BBQ pit-master extraordinaire!  The phrase “comeback sauce” was used by John F. Bichelmeyer when explaining the importance of customer service to his employees,  “We don’t have money to advertise, so you have to pour on the comeback sauce!”

Try the sauce. It is so good you might sip it straight – no meat required.

Dad’s Comeback Sauce is available for sale at:

Bichelmeyer Meats

704 Cheyenne,

Kansas City, KS  66105







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