Bichelmeyer Land & Cattle

Historic, Silkville Ranch in Williamsburg, Kansas is the home of Bichelmeyer Land & Cattle. The ranch is owned by Jim, Joe & Marty Bichelmeyer.

Our company owns a Commercial Base Angus herd, a cow-calf operation that is a Reputation Herd of Quality. The ranch is managed by Lowell Anderson, a native of Williamsburg, and Theresa, his wife. Lowell and Theresa are passionate about their work and well-respected within the ranching industry for their knowledge of grass management, working horses, and ranch operations.

The cattle raised on the ranch, are gown to ensure an exceptional quality product at retail operations. Cattle graze unconfined on 3,500 acres of pasture.  The animals are well cared for and respected in a natural environment.

Silkville is included on the Franklin County, Kansas list of historical sites. It was started by a Frenchman, Ernest de Boissiere, who was banished from France by Napoleon III. He was a rich man who had a vision of starting a silk business. He built a 60-room house in 1870. He also built many barns for the silk business-two of which are still standing today. These stone buildings are now used as horse stables and equipment storage. Also standing is a quaint, stone, one-room school house.


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