Origin Of Meat

Bichelmeyer Meats sells fresh meat from local producers whom we know and trust. We trust the producers enough to put our own name on the label.  Bichelmeyer Meats is the only establishment in Kansas City that can truly document the origin of their meat. None of our meats are injected with water, artificial flavor, or “patented solutions.”

The the ground beef and pork you buy at grocery and big-box stores can be made-up from thousands of different animals, increasing your risk for cross contamination.   The ground beef and pork at Bichelmeyer Meats comes from a single source/animal.  This eliminates the need to worry about the safety of the meats you eat. 

To keep up with demand and as to not waste any product, some popular cuts are supplemented with only the highest quality meat from USDA inspected companies.

Rest assured that Bichelmeyer Meats sells the best, fresh, local,  meats.  Your safety and health are our priority.  If we feed it to our own family, you should too!

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